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Thanks for visiting Shanti Engineering and Research!

Shanti Engineering and Research is focused on providing high-quality research analysis and documentation on innovative technologies, primarily related to aerospace industry applications.


We take your data and formulate it to create results which can be used in the real world.  Results substantiated by data.


Take our reports to your next meeting and be prepared.

Click the Contact Us button to start the dialog on your particular research issues and we will definitely provide answers to get your project up and running in minimal time.  Quality deliverables is our first goal.

Data Analysis

We will take your data, use Data Analysis tools to reduce it and make it understandable.

Reporting and Documentation

Documenting and reporting the data in a format that you want. Always available for future updates.

Data Reduction and Representation

We will find a way to represent the data so that you can use it for all of your applications.

We are interested in...

We have interest in reporting and data analysis for analytical, numerical and experimental data related to external airflow. 


Specifically, we look at data for external aerodynamic data in a mixed speed flowfield with subsonic and supersonic components. 


We are interested in the reporting and recommending changes for multidisclipinary analysis of complex engineering problems primarily in external transonic aerodynamics and transonic aeroelasticity, transonic aeroservoelasticity


Currently we are working on reporting for results owing to recent transonic aeroelasticity research.

Also an upcoming paper on State Space representation of transonic aeroelasticity.

Also an upcoming investigation in the use of active control devices such as the Control Moment Gyro.


Currently looking at the application of feedback loops from flight test data to improve the coupled models.


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