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Wearable Technologies and Internet of Things

I just successfully finished this amazing course from Harvard Extension School:" target="_blank">Wearable Technologies and the Internet of Things taught by" target="_blank">Dr. Aline Yurik. The course had an excellent TA and was a lot of work but very worth it.

In the age that we live in it is difficult to keep in step with the amazing speed of technological advances that compete with or make our jobs easier or harder.  We also have to serve our clients properly with accurate, up to date information.  

This course brings you up to speed on the current technologies and gives the student an opportunity to dabble into the formulation of a product in a team environment.  The learning curve is steep but so worth the ride.  We make a lot of great connections in other students for life.  

I am currently collaborating with one such student now and hope to get something that everyone can sink their interest into, soon! Stay tuned!

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